Personal Information Protection Policy

CAC Corporation (CAC) considers appropriate handling and protection of personal information to be not only important but also social responsibilities. We will establish the “Personal Information Protection Policy” as follows and promote corporate activities with the focus on compliance.

  • CAC will comply with laws, regulations, other rules, guidelines, and internal rules regarding handling of personal information and periodically review and aim to improve the personal information handling system.
  • When collecting personal information, CAC will either clearly indicate the purpose of use to the person concerned and obtain the person’s consent or release the purpose of use on our website in addition, CAC will handle it appropriately without using it for other purposes and take sufficient measures to carry out.
  • CAC will ensure the transparency/accuracy of the collected personal information.
  • In principle, CAC will not provide personal information to a third party unless the person concerned consents to the provision.
  • CAC will safely manage/store the collected personal information under strict management and will prevent and correct the leakage, damage or loss of personal information.
  • In case personal information processing is outsourced, CAC will manage the processing under our strict management.
  • CAC will establish a division to receive inquiries/consultation, etc. regarding personal information and swiftly respond to such inquiries/consultation, etc.

CAC has also obtained the Privacy Mark, which is provided to businesses that appropriately handle personal information, from JIPDEC.
CAC may revise the above policy according to changes of relevant laws, regulations, rules, guidelines, and internal rules, etc. We will notify such changes on this website, so we recommend that you periodically check our website.

Established on April 1, 2014
Revised on January 1, 2021
Ryota Nishimori
President and CEO

Please contact below for inquiries regarding handling of personal information

CAC Corporation
Corporate Administration Department

EU Representative

As we are based outside of the EU, Article 27 required that we appoint an EU representative to handle certain data subject requests and queries.
In compliance with this, we have appointed DataRep to act as our representative. Any queries requiring the input of our representative, should please be directed to them as follows: