CSR/environmental activities

CAC will fulfill its social responsibilities as a company through CSR/environmental activities and contribute to solving social issues.

CSR activities

CAC promotes development support for students, who will grow up to lead informatization, and support for people with disabilities to take on challenges of sports.

Environmental Policy

CAC will promote activities in our IT (information technology) service business with considerations for impacts on the global environment and make efforts to make continuous improvements to conserve the environment. We will especially promote sincere activities as a corporate member of society with the focus on the realization of a low-carbon society with the aim of preventing global warming.

  • We will promote resource conservation, energy conservation, and low carbon use in our business activities.
  • We will make efforts to contribute to realizing a low-carbon society through our services and businesses provided to customers.
  • We will make continuous improvements by establishing an environmental management system.
  • We will make efforts to improve the environmental conservation level by complying with laws and regulations involving the environment.
  • We will notify the environmental policy and provide environmental education with the aim of deepening employees’ understanding of environmental issues.
  • We will also consider employees’ “efforts in work” with the aim of establishing a corporate climate in which employees proactively make efforts to promote environmental activities.

January 1, 2011
CAC Corporation