Since CAC's founding, we have continued to deliver a comprehensive array of services, ranging from system consulting and application development to system operations and maintenance. In particular, our teams of highly specialized and talented individuals armed with in-depth expertise in specific fields have continued to develop high-quality services. In recent years, we have also been leveraging new technologies and helping businesses globalize in order to address an even broader range of customer needs in our operations. In this section, we would like to describe some aspects of our operations at CAC.

  • Financial


    CAC has a solid track record spanning more than four decades in the areas of banking, trusts, securities, and insurance. Within the finance sector, we provide corporate pension systems that are developed using our knowledge and know-how of system integration. In the area of banking, we were one of the first to expand operations in New York, London, and other overseas locations to offer support to foreign subsidiaries of major Japanese banks. In recent years, we have launched our FinTech operations as part of our efforts to create new services.

  • Pharmaceuticals


    We have a long history, going back to the time of our founding, of providing services to the pharmaceutical industry. We provide a one-stop service for a broad spectrum of solutions, ranging from system building and operations in areas such as R&D, sales, logistics, HR, and accounting. We also provide system support for our global customers. Above all, our group companies work together to help our customers improve their efficiency in both the IT and operations domains by providing, for example, services that cover all phases, ranging from drug discovery research in pharmaceutical development to post-production and post-launch studies.

  • New technologies

    New Technologies

    We are currently focusing on new service models in addition to solutions for B-to-B operations, which have been one of our areas of strength. These include the implementation of B-to-C services and cloud solutions, as well as aggressive business investments and overseas M&A through venture capital that is being carried out by CAC Holdings as a whole. Some services that represent our new technologies are our emotion recognition AI analysis service, known as Kokoro sensor, our services in successive automatic driving systems, ADAS (advanced driving assistance systems), and our camera system that can measure a person's heart rate, known as Rhythmiru. Recently, we have also developed a sales support system using voice recognition AI. CAC has also developed a proprietary technology platform called "AZAREA" that incorporates big data processing and new technologies for automatic program generation. We continue to take on the challenge of deepening our technological capabilities and expanding our services.