Kiho Asatsuma


I would like to realize my own ideas and grow them into large businesses.

Graduated from the Faculty of English Careers, Department of English Careers. Joined CAC in FY2016.
Nursing Care & Medical Business Dept.,
Social Security Company

Kiho Asatsuma


Please tell us about what made you decide to join CAC.

I think one of the big things for me was that I was able to strike out some of the things that I was uncertain of during my job hunt. I had been interested in the IT industry, but since I was schooled in the liberal arts, I wasn't sure if I could work in IT and whether I could get used to the atmosphere. So I sent in a request to actually visit the company and see the people working here, and they gladly agreed. Through these visits, I was able to meet with people working here and listen to what they had to say about their actual experiences and hear their candid comments. These meetings helped extinguish my concerns and I decided to join the company.


What are some things about your work that you find rewarding?

I currently have important responsibilities in my work. I'm involved in a project for launching a new business in the area of nursing care, and one of the things I'm in charge of is creating the core content of this business from scratch. At first, I wasn't sure how to approach this, but by gathering information from a wide range of areas, I was able to develop a business proposal that was geared towards providing solutions to problems. I am still in the content development stage and I can't see what the outcome will be yet, but it is personally very rewarding for me to have this opportunity to work as a core member of the project.


What do you like about CAC?

I like how we can talk about anything at the company. Even if you are new, you have many opportunities to speak with people in managerial positions, and you can let them know the challenges you would like to tackle. And not only can you communicate your intentions, they will seriously consider ways of bringing your visions to fruition. I also think that the people who work here, especially the younger ones, get along with each other very well. We would go out for lunch or plan events together regardless of seniority. So this kind of interaction where there's no sense of distance is another thing I like about CAC.


What are your dreams or goals? (What type of person do you aspire to be?)

My first dream is to turn my ideas into a business. CAC is currently focusing on launching new businesses, so in that context, I would like to create a new business with the potential for generating large sales. My second dream is to help create a good corporate environment. CAC hires a lot of people of other nationalities, so I would like to be a part of our efforts to create a diverse environment where people can work comfortably regardless of nationality.


Please give us a message for students who are currently job hunting!

During your job hunt, I think it's important to have a specific vision of the company you would like to work for and the kind of work that you would like to do. There may be things that you might overlook if you come in just for information sessions. If anything remains unclear to you after these sessions, you need to be active, not passive, and clarify them for yourself. I hope that by collecting as much information as you can for yourself, you will be able to see what you really want to do or form your own criteria for choosing the right company for you. You may come up against challenges and difficulties, so please give it your best shot because you will find out in retrospect that this job hunting process was a very important process for you.