Message from Management

Message from the President and CEO
Akihiko Sako

Providing Our Customers With Business Innovation and Creation

Computer Applications Co.,Ltd. (CAC) was established in 1966 as Japan´s first independent software development company. CAC has adopted a distinctive business approach based on three key management concepts: it acts as a vendor-neutral company adhering to its independence from computer manufacturers; it acts as a professional information system builder with corporate user-customers; and, rather than just dispatching personnel, it acts as a prime outsourcing contractor fully liable for the products it develops. Underlying these three management concepts is the firm conviction of the founding members that software is intellectual property which should be created from the user´s perspective.
Although only medium sized, over 90 percent of CAC´s business is in its core competence as a result of adhering to these three principles, making it noteworthy in the Japanese IT service industry.
Although the scope of our business has expanded and evolved from software development at the time of founding to a full range of services supporting IT utilization and the integration of IT and business processes, our core value is still business innovation and business creation based on knowledge building. As a knowledge-intensive company, we will continue to aspire to achieving results that surpass our customers´ expectations.