Singles dormitory

New employees are eligible to live in our singles dormitory if they meet a certain requirement (commute time would take more than 2 hours). Eligible employees are offered a very comfortable studio apartment.

Recreation Facilities

One of the recreation facilities our employees can use is located in Katsuura, Chiba prefecture. It is near the sea and well known for its seafood dishes. Besides that, there are other facilities provided by the health insurance union as well as contract-based leisure facilities which employees can use to refresh their mind.

Circle Activities

At CAC, employees can engage in various activities. For example, there are sports clubs such as soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball, etc. and cultural clubs such as flower arrangement, light music, etc. Through circle activities, employees not only improve their skills, but also have opportunities to communicate with people from different organizations and age groups. In addition, it is also possible to set up a new club yourself.


Commuting allowance, Work style allowance, social insurance system, retirement allowance system, corporate pension fund, assets accumulation savings, stock ownership, congratulatory or condolence payments, No Overtime Day(every Wednesday), business casual (entire year), periodic health examination, group life insurance, qualifications incentive system, etc.