Employee Development

Employee Training Plan

At CAC, we provide opportunities for learning a variety of skills to enable our employees to become the drivers of the businesses at their respective companies so as to realize and achieve CAC's strategies. People are able to move forward along a variety of lines such as by deepening their expertise in a particular specialty while acquiring skills that are universally necessary, and then moving on to hone their leadership abilities to enable them to lead others and create new services. As the first step in your endeavor to upgrade your career, we hope that you will acquire basic skills and knowledge in the new employee training program.

New Employee Training

New employee training is carried out for a period of one and a half months immediately after you join the company. Training covers topics that will be essential regardless of your career path, such as IT basics, and exercises where you will experience the system development process, as well as business skills including logical communication and presentation skills. In recent years, we have started up camp programs overseas to provide training in a multi-national environment where participants can get a true feel for diversity. Please make the best use of these opportunities because the experience of communicating in diverse settings such as these and producing results will help to expand your perspective. Once you finish your new employee group training sessions, you will be assigned to your company where you will begin OJT. During this period, you will gain firsthand experience on how your knowledge and know-how can be utilized in the workplace and also improve your skills in a practical setting. CAC hires new employees twice a year―in the spring (April) and fall (October). Employees who join in the fall do not go through group training and are given training that is in line with the characteristics of each individual.

New Employee Training

Level-specific Training

CAC offers several level-specific training programs.
For example, in the year-three training, individuals learn skills that they will need in the next step of their career, and also meet with and have discussions with colleagues in different positions. This is an opportunity for people to view CAC's business from a broader perspective than what they might have had in their day-to-day work. The various training programs that are offered in relation to promotions are designed to enable individuals to recognize their new role and also provide knowledge on behaviors, results, and skills that will be required in their new positions. Through these and other opportunities, we hope to help individuals come to a new recognition of the directions that CAC is taking as whole, reaffirm their place in the company, and establish their career paths.