Questions regarding the recruitment process

  • What do you expect from new graduates?

    CAC's recruitment concept is "Crazy about Technology". We are looking for individuals who are passionate about technology. Whether you have technological skills is not of concern. Whether you are a humanities or sciences major, we want to welcome individuals that want to learn and specialize in IT skills.In addition, we understand that each individual has his or her own strengths. We look forward to meeting individuals that can demonstrate their strengths and incorporate it with IT.

  • What do you place importance on during the recruitment process?

    The basic skills and traits mentioned above are considered important. In addition, the effort you put in and the results produced from previous experiences count too. We assume that there are both failures and successes in your experiences, but what we consider important are the lessons that you learned from those experiences and how you will apply them to your future plans. Be yourself and express your thoughts freely during the interview.

  • Would it be a disadvantage in the recruitment process if I have a degree in Humanities?

    Your major will not affect the result in the recruitment process. After joining the company, those who do not have an IT background are generally expected to study harder than those who do. However, knowledge in the humanities may come in handy when trying to understand customer's business operations. On top of that, writing ability is also an important skill. Your major does not determine the type of work you will do after joining the company. Therefore, please do not be discouraged.

  • How many people joined CAC in 2018?

    52 people joined in April 2018, and 2 people joined in October.In 2019, we plan to welcome 42 people in April. For 2020, we plan to hire about 50 people.We have many non-Japanese individuals from a variety of countries that enter the company. In addition, we welcome inviduals from a variety of academic backgrounds, whether humanities or sciences majors.

Questions regarding the personnel system

  • Will our preference on job assignment be considered?

    Your major, aptitude, etc. are taken into consideration when deciding your job assignment. Although all members may not be assigned to the division of their preferences, they can experience different duties through periodic division transfer or job rotation.

  • Is labor and childcare support provided?

    Maternity leave and childcare leave are provided. Currently, we have approximately 300 female employees, and many of them are still active in the front lines after taking the above mentioned leaves.

  • Is there any overtime work? In addition, do you pay for overtime work?

    Yes, employees may be asked to work overtime. The amount of overtime required depends on the project you are assigned to and its progress. At CAC, it is 25~30 hours on average, which is considered low in this industry. Of course, employees are paid for their overtime work.

Questions regarding skills and training program

  • Are there any skills or qualifications required for joining CAC?

    We do not require any skills or qualifications during the recruitment process; however, you will have to learn IT skills regardless of your job position after joining the company. We provide training programs for those relevant skills. Therefore, at this point we want you to focus on your academic courses in order to graduate. However, it is desirable to at least have fluency in Word and Excel. We also recommend you to deepen your understanding and follow the trends of the IT industry by using the resources available to you. Furthermore, you should try to understand the causes and backgrounds of current situations and think about its importance and what should be done. By doing this, you can develop your own point of view towards IT which is important on the job.

  • Will experiences gained in college be useful?

    Among CAC's business operations, the ability to understand the contents of a customer's business operations, or so called "business knowledge" is very important. For example, pharmaceutical and biological science knowledge will be important when working with pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, when working with finance companies, economics and management knowledge will be important. Based on the knowledge you acquired through your major, such as language, science-engineering and IT engineering, you can further expand your knowledge in different fields.

  • Please explain about the contents of the new hire training program.

    The program allows new employees, including those who do not have IT backgrounds, to acquire basic IT knowledge. In addition, we separate our training courses so that those with IT backgrounds are able to gain more hands-on skills.