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Welcome to the CAC New Graduates Recruitment Page!
You can find basic information about us on this page. We hope our site will help you find out how you can utilize your strengths at CAC and what kind of career paths are available. Furthermore, we hope this will be your first step in finding your career aspiration.

Job Description

[ Fall 2018 Recruitment ]
◎ Those who will graduate from graduate school(master/doctorate), university, KOSEN, or technical school from April to September 2018
[ Spring 2019 Recruitment ]
◎ Those who will graduate from graduate school(master/doctorate), university, or technical school from October 2018 to March 2019
◎ Those who have graduated after March 2016 and have work experience (recent graduates) can apply for either of the recruiting seasons
*We recruit regardless of nationality, department and major.
Starting monthly salary
◎ Master, Doctoral, Bachelor (6-year degree) 230,500 Yen
◎ Bachelor (4-year degree), KOSEN (Advanced Course) 215,000 Yen
◎ KOSEN (Associate Degree Programs), Technical school graduate 199,000 Yen
Salary raise
Once a year
Twice a year
Working Hours
8:50~17:30 (Lunch break 12:00~13:00)
Leave System
paid leave(13 days for the first year, maximum 40 days per-year), congratulation and condolence leave, maternity leave, childcare leave, nursing leave, etc
Holidays and Leaves
full weekends off (Saturday, Sunday), public holidays, Summer holidays (2 days), Year-end and New Year holidays (December 29 - January 4)、etc (124 days holidays per year)
commuting allowance, social insurance system, retirement allowance system, corporate pension fund, assets accumulation savings, stock ownership, congratulatory or condolence payments, No Overtime Day(every Wednesday), business casual (entire year), periodic health examination, group life insurance, qualifications incentive system, etc.

Job Positions

IT Engineer
IT engineers specialize in the construction and operation of IT systems. This job involves tasks ranging from system design to development and testing, as well as administering and making enhancements to systems that are already up and running. IT engineers are involved in all aspects of these systems, acquiring advanced knowledge and skills along the way. They also have the opportunity to fully master a specific technological field and develop new technologies.
IT Consultant
IT consultants provide consultation to clients from an IT perspective in the areas of business and corporate management. With an emphasis on achieving the client's business objectives, their responsibilities are to analyze current conditions and propose improvements that help clients resolve their corporate challenges, as well as propose systems and technologies that suit their needs. The IT consultant is required to have highly specialized IT knowledge, the ability to think logically and develop proposals, and a high level of understanding about clients' businesses and operations.
IT Architect
By translating clients' demands into requirements, and then analyzing and defining them, IT architects define the modality of systems and lay out the steps that will be needed to build and operate entire systems. This type of work is not about system development, but about designing the foundation of a system to ensure that all of its functions can be realized. Therefore, the IT architect is required to have advanced knowledge and technological skills as well as experience.
Business Specialist
The business specialist is someone who is equipped with in-depth knowledge of the user's business and uses IT knowledge for the comprehensive and smooth operation of business processes. In addition to acquiring highly specialized knowledge of the business and making improvements to the client's operations, the business specialist also leverages their knowledge of IT to ensure effective system implementation. Besides having specialized expertise, the ability to provide customer-focused and speedy support is an important attribute.
A person in this job role is responsible for the research and development of new technologies that are associated with the client's area of business, as well as for making improvements to existing technologies and developing new products. Since the ICT landscape continues to change by the day, the person in this job role is involved in the research of technologies that form the basis for enabling the latest products and services. A keen ability to seek out and quickly capture new information is another important attribute for this job profile.
Solution Sales
A person in this job role will have a fundamental understanding of IT and is responsible for the entire process that begins with proposing solutions that meet a diverse range of needs to the subsequent follow through. This role is not only about providing services on a per client basis, but also about expanding the scope of tasks, which include engaging with multiple users on a per solution basis. An excellent ability to communicate and coordinate, on top of the ability to act with agility are attributes required in this job role.
Business Consultant
The business consultant is responsible for engaging with the business and management aspects of the client's operations and provides support for their further growth. As with the IT consultant, their focus is on achieving the client's business objectives, and to analyze current conditions and propose improvements that help clients resolve their corporate challenges, along with proposing systems and technologies that suit their needs. The business consultant must have a good understanding of the client's business and operations and, in some cases, may be required to provide business support for their corporate operations.


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