Yifan Zhang


A comfortable working environment for women as well as foreigners. The company actively offers many opportunities to those who are willing to take on challenges.

Graduated from the Faculty of Business Economics, Department of Commerce. Joined CAC in FY2012.

Yifan Zhang


Please tell us about what made you decide to join CAC.

I chose the IT industry because I felt that I would be able to create new possibilities since the work of system engineers is not about repetitive routine work, but about always daring to take on new cases where I would be able to engage in a wide variety of processes, ranging from system planning to implementation and maintenance. I received individual feedback from hiring and HR when I was interviewing with CAC. I was very impressed by the company's "One by one recruiting" concept―although it was just a short one-line message―and that's what made me decide to join the company.


What are some things about your work that you find rewarding?

That would be when our customers express their appreciation for what we do with remarks such as "Thank you" or "You were a great help." I am usually involved in building sites for our customers' in-house teams. Most of them are small projects, so there are times that I would complete the project all alone, from interviewing the customer on their requirements to the actual delivery of the site. It's very rewarding and fulfilling to see how a proposal of mine has been accepted and the customer is actually using a site that I made.


What do you like about CAC?

I like it because it offers a workplace that is comfortable for women to work in. Things are different from department to department, but there are a lot of women working on my floor, with many of them in leadership positions. CAC has a great childcare support system so it's a very good setup for double-income families.
The same applies for foreign nationals. An increasing number of foreigners have been joining our company in recent years. CAC places importance on an individual's unique character regardless of nationality, and actively offers opportunities to those who are willing to take on new challenges.


What are your dreams or goals? (What type of person do you aspire to be?)

I would like to become a "CAC Person" with an "international perspective" who is well versed in business knowledge and IT skills, and is able to work in the area of global operations.


Please give us a message for students who are currently job hunting!

I'm sure that there may be people who are thinking that they've been putting in a lot of work without being rewarded with commensurate results, but I want to say that none of that is ever wasted. Job hunting is not about receiving an offer of employment. It is an opportunity for you to take a hard look at yourself, so in that sense it is for your benefit. Please don't give up until the end so that you won't have any regrets later! I'm rooting for you!