Shu Namiki


The sense of achievement when I realize my ideas becomes the motivation to take on new challenges.

Graduated from the Faculty of Function Creation Sciences, Department of Science. Joined CAC in FY2014.

Shu Namiki


Please tell us about what made you decide to join CAC.

I decided to join CAC because I was attracted to the warm atmosphere that was collectively created by the people working here. The biggest impression for me was when I was thrown a curve ball by one of the interviewers at my final interview. I stayed silent for what seemed like a long time because I didn't know how to answer the question, but the interviewer continued to look into my eyes while maintaining a gentle expression on his/her face. I felt that he/she was watching to see how I would handle the situation even though I didn't know how to actually hit that curve ball. The people who were later to become my senior colleagues and people at HR were generally very warm people and that was what made me decide.


What are some things about your work that you find rewarding?

It feels rewarding when my ideas become reality. There was this one time when we were thinking about improving a particular system with a focus on ease of maintenance and expandability. While we only had a few very vague ideas at first, these ideas became more concrete as we put our minds to it, and we were eventually able to integrate them into the system. Even if a project we are working on happens to be small, I feel tremendous joy and a sense of achievement the moment the ideas that we have carefully mulled over become real. And this sense of achievement becomes my motivation to take on the next challenge.


What do you like about CAC?

What I like about our company the most is that it gives me many opportunities to grow. When we first join the company, we take the new employee group training and OJT with a senior colleague who is assigned to us. We learn a broad range of things, not only basic IT knowledge, but also how to carry out our work and appropriate business manner. And this is the same for existing employees. The autonomous driving support system team that I currently belong to has a learning curriculum because this is a new field for CAC. All of us who work here are able to make use of these opportunities to move up to the next level and grow.


What are your dreams or goals? (What type of person do you aspire to be?)

I would like to become a businessperson who is able to take action with a goal-oriented mindset. I don't think it is an easy task to develop a plan for a particular goal that you wish to achieve, understand what actions to take and when to take them, and actually implement those actions that are needed to achieve your goal. Having said that, this kind of mindset and action will not only improve your own motivation, but will also become a powerful force for creating greater awareness for yourself and the people you work with through mutual stimulation. I intend to listen to what my senior role models have to say, and move one step at a time towards the ideal vision of myself.


Please give us a message for students who are currently job hunting!

My advice would be to take a hard look at what happiness means to you. You often hear that the most important thing in job hunting is self-analysis, and I think that's true. Your work will make up a large part of your life, so few things can be more unfortunate than having a huge gap between your work and what happiness means to you. You need to look deep into what is important to you; the things that you cannot compromise on. There will be many challenges during job hunting, but it's not only that, so I hope you will give it your best effort.