Kentaro Hirai


I want to learn what my customers' needs are and provide value that fulfills those needs.

Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Department of Commerce. Joined CAC in FY2013.

Kentaro Hirai


Please tell us about what made you decide to join CAC.

What I wanted to do was develop and provide solutions for problems that customers had; solutions that they would appreciate. I felt that I was a good match with what CAC was doing (CAC's sales proposition).
The thing that I placed the most importance on in job hunting was the match between what I wanted to do and what the company was doing. I joined CAC because I thought that it was the best match of all the companies that I visited. Also, when I spoke with the people working here, they were very up front about the challenging aspects of their work as well as the rewarding aspects. Another important factor for me was that the company provided an extensive training program for new employees.


What are some things about your work that you find rewarding?

It's rewarding to be able to meet a customer's needs. In the project that I am working on now, we are aiming to find a solution to long-standing issues that a customer has been having by automating their operations. The customer tells us what they want to accomplish, and we come up with proposals for an optimum automation design. It's very rewarding, and there is a great sense of satisfaction when we've been able to realize and provide what the customer had in mind.


What do you like about CAC?

I like the vibe of the people who work here, and that the company provides extensive support for training and qualifications. There was a time when I was working more or less permanently at a customer site. At the time, I would visit our office only every once in a while, but when I did, many of my senior colleagues would welcome me warmly, and they also regularly set up events. So that tells me that the company places great importance on personal ties.


What are your dreams or goals? (What type of person do you aspire to be?)

My current goal is to be the go-to person whenever a customer has a problem. Ultimately, I would like to be able to pick up on latent customer needs from casual conversations and provide value to meet these needs.


Please give us a message for students who are currently job hunting!

I hope things are going well with your job hunt. I understand how it can be difficult to be in the job market along with having your regular schoolwork. That being said, I hope you will make the most of this opportunity to see yourself and to be seen both subjectively and objectively. It is also an opportunity to get a feel for the real world. Please use this precious time effectively. I am looking forward to meeting you once you join our company.