Edward MacLean


Working with people with different backgrounds helps me expand my horizons.

Graduated from the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Affairs. Joined CAC in FY2014.

Edward MacLean


Please tell us about what made you decide to join CAC.

After graduating from university, I was quite passionate about acquiring new skills, so I wanted to work at an active and progressive company where I could expand the scope and proficiency of my skills above and beyond what I had acquired at university. I joined CAC because IT companies hold a critical position vis-a-vis future societies, and I felt that CAC was a company that would give me the opportunity to tackle new and growing areas of technology.


What are some things about your work that you find rewarding?

It's rewarding when we achieve our goals as a team. It's very stimulating for me to listen to new perspectives and ideas that my colleagues share on project-related technologies, communication, and problem solving. These things make my work very rewarding. I am very happy to be able to learn skills from my senior and junior colleagues that I can use in later projects.


What do you like about CAC?

I think the company provides an environment where people can acquire new skills and grow both as a businessperson and an individual in a variety of settings (development, operations support, proposal preparation, etc.) even if they do not have previous IT experience. Being able to work with not only engineers, but also with people from different backgrounds and disciplines enables me to view my own career from a broader perspective.


What are your dreams or goals? (What type of person do you aspire to be?)

I would like to be a bridge between Japan and the global market, help expand our business operations, work with people with various backgrounds, and acquire new skills.


Please give us a message for students who are currently job hunting!

IT is not only about development. It has a variety of roles, so I think you will be able to acquire skills that will be convertible to suit your particular career path or goals. I look forward to working with people who feel a sense of gratification in taking on new challenges regardless of background.