Drug Safety & RMP

We provide a full range of services to promptly and adequately collect, evaluate, report and utilize adverse events. In order to realize quick, quality pharmacovigilance operations suitable for the risk management required by pharmaceutical companies, our total support system covers from system structure planning, implementation, development and to operation assistance.

  • Package selection and implementation consulting support
  • E2B file viewer
  • Support service for data migration and CSV associated with system update and succession of drugs from other companies
  • Pharmacovigilance support service for the three regions (US, EU and Japan)
  • Pharmacovigilance support service
  • Risk management plan support service
  • Important Risk Visualizer for RMP
  • Important Risk Visualizer
  • CSV consulting services
  • BC Excalibur - Business Continuity Planning (BCP) support services
  • Pharmacovigilance solution
  • Safety Operations System Administration Service

Pharmaceutical Business Solutions