IT Operation Automation Solution AZAREA-AUTONOMICS

It is the Operation Automation Solution that utilized Autonomic IT Management Platform, IPcenter.
CAC will support from Introduction until Construction and Maintenance of the automation flow by One-Stop service.

  • Introduction Merit
    Innovative Operation of Automation

    Obstacle or Event which occurs on IT infrastructure will be automatically Analyze-Diagnose-Repair by using Virtual Engineer. It will also escalate the issue to the most suitable engineer to carry out the task when necessary.

  • Introduction Merit
    Reduce operation cost &
    Improve service quality

    Operation Cost and the Work Load of the engineer are largely reduced by Intelligent Automation. It also improve Service Quality while optimizing IT investment and enable engineer to concentrate on their original duties.

  • Introduction Merit
    One-Stop Support

    CAC will support by One-Stop Service from Introduction of IPcenter until Construction of Automation flow. As the automation that we provided is fitting your business, it will reduce the troubles and cost to build up from scratch.

What is Autonomic IT Management Platform, IPcenter?

IPcenter, Autonomic IT Management Platform which adopted by many companies all over the world.

IPcenter is the Autonomic IT Management Platform which developed by America Company, IPsoft. Virtual Engineer that utilized autonomic technology that automates the whole operation process is one of the feature. Currently there is more than One Hundred Thousands of Virtual Engineer are operating for companies from all over the world. The Operation task that used to depend on human has been minimized since introduction of IPcenter. Besides, it brings innovative merits to IT Operation Management such as reduction of Operation Cost, improvement on Service Quality and correspondence Speed, reduction of Human Error, etc.

The average result from IPsoft

  • 56%
    of All Incidents are settled without human.
  • 60%
    of Average Recovery Time has been reduced.
  • 30%
    of Operating Cost
    has been reduced after using IPcenter.
  • 0%
    of Human Error
    has occurred after using IPcenter.

Innovative automation will be achieved by Virtual Engineer

Analysis-Diagnosis-Repair on obstacles and events can be done without human by utilizing Virtual Engineer. Based on the contents of obstacles, Virtual Engineer will make the most appropriate decision and take action on it. If it is difficult to fix, it will automatically dispatch to the most appropriate engineer. Task such as generate and update ticket, record the operation logs will be done automatically by Virtual Engineer too.

Monitor the operation situation of IT infrastructure and detect obstacle outbreak.Perform appropriate action based on the analysis.
Carry out command or script in order to perform an investigation, correlation, sorting, inspection, log confirmation, test, etc.
Carry out any command-line and capture the output after evaluate it. Action will be taken based on the response and will restore it if necessary.
Perform escalation in response to a reply and follow the instructions from an E-mail, SMS, a sound text, the Web form, etc.

Largely reduce Operation Cost and Work Load

Engineer will be freed from complicated works over the operations management by Intelligent Automation. It enable employee to put efforts on the tasks that they should work on and improve employee satisfaction. In addition, as regular tasks and first action correspondence at the time of obstacle outbreak can be automated, Operation Cost and Outsourcing Cost will be largely reduced and this lead to the optimization of TCO.

Drastically improvement on the Quality of Service and Speed

By automate the operations and visualization of the situation of operation, Mean Response Time and Mean Time to Repair can be largely reduced, and it also prevent any human error. In addition, it can inflect for optimization and standardization of the IT infrastructure Operation.

Cooperate with a great variety of existing systems flexibly

IPcenter functions as a hub bundling up a great variety of existing systems include a Monitoring tool, a Ticket Management system, an Automatic Voice tool, etc which enables the unification of the Operations Management System. In addition, when a Virtual Engineer unable to cope, it will show the necessary information while escalating to the specific engineer, which works smoothly with human.

The products which IPcenter supports

Security Check Point, Cisco, ArcSight, Juniper, Entrust, BlueCoat, ISS, RSA, nCircle, eEye, SafeNet, McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro, Sophos, etc.
Application Business Logic Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, SAP, Lawson, JD Edwards, Custom Processes, ATG Commerce, Batch Processes, etc.
Middleware Tomcat, WebLogic, OAS, WebSphere, IIS, Jboss, ATG, MQ, Tibco, etc.
Database Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, MS SQL, Postgres, etc.
Server and Virtualization Solaris, RedHat Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, iSeries/AS400, VMware, etc.
Storage EMC, Hitachi, Network Appliance, IBM, Dell EqualLogic, HP, Cisco Nexus & MDSMS Windows, MS Office, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Adobe, Productivity Suite, etc.
Network and Sound Cisco, F5, Juniper, Riverbed, Bluecoat, Nortel, Avaya, etc.
Service Desk MS Windows, MS Office, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Adobe, Productivity Suite, etc.

Please check the link below from IPsoft Web Page if you would like to know the details of IPcenter.

Fully support on Utilization of IPcenter

Operations can be automated by Small Start Quick Start.

AZAREA-AUTONOMICS, a service from CAC will deliver IPcenter Platform in SaaS form. As the service is provided in SaaS form, it is possible to achieve [Quick Start]. At the same time, [Small start] will be achieved as it is a Monthly Basis Charging Model which depends on the number of the items targeted for automation.

  • We will Construct and Maintain the Operation Automation System for you.

  • Automation Engineer will design and construct the automation that fits your business.

  • As the Lead Time being shortened by automation, it is possible to deploy quickly.

  • Monthly Basis Charging Model based on the number of automation targets.

Automation Engineer will construct the automation which fits your business

The quality of Automation Flow decides the success or failure of operation automation. AZAREA-AUTONOMICS not only provide the Simple Service which is the Usage Environment of IPcenter, we also have a line up call "Automation Service" which will help you to Construct and Maintain the Automation Flow. The experienced Automation Engineer will Design and Construct the Automation Work Flow which fits your business.

Voice Escalation will be automated by linking with Automated Voice System

The linking with Automatic Voice System and Automation System which used to be difficult to achieve, but it is possible to do it smoothly now by
AZAREA-AUTONOMICS. Now, it is possible to automate the Reply Instructions by Voice Escalation and Push Button Operation.

Service Configuration of AZAREA-AUTONOMICS

Basic Service ※1

Automation Platform Usage Environment of IPcenter
(Environment of Automatic Operation)
Provide IPcenter platform in SaaS type to achieve automatic operation.※2
IPcenter Management Console Provide IPcenter Management Console in order to manage automatic operation effectively.
Auto Voice Notification Link IPcenter with Auto Voice Notification.
Voice Escalation which was difficult to automate before,
it is possible to reply with the instruction by pushing button.
Contruct and Maintain Automation ※3 Construct Automation Flow Service The Construction of Automatic Operation which is going to run on IPcenter will be designed and construct based on your requirements.
Maintain Automation Flow Service The flow which made by Construct Automation Flow Service is possible to Redesign and Change based on your Change Request.
  • ※1:Basic Service Fee is a Monthly Basis Charge which consists of Basic Fee and CI Licence charges that depends on the number of automated targets.
  • ※2:In Order to connect with IPcenter, we have to place the VPN router within your environment.
    Besides, in order to connect with Automation Target Server, we need Access Permission and Account Publication.
  • ※3:For Basic Service, we only allow one automation(Contruct and Maintain) to be carried out at the same time. After Client received and confirmed that the automation flow is working as expected, we will only proceed to the next Construction or Maintainance of Automation. We are not allowing Client to Deploy and Modify the Automation Flow by themselves.

Option Service (Additional)

Contruct and Maintain Automation ※4 Construct Automation Flow Service Same as above
Maintain Automation Flow Service Same as above
  • ※4:In additional to Basic Service, we will also accept orders of Contruct and Maintain the Automation Flow too. The contract of Basic Service is needed in order to use the Optional Service. The customer will not be allowed to do andy implementations or make any changes on their Automation Flow.

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